INTERVIEW by Scott Mullins


Joining us today is mystery and romance author Joyce Brennan


Let’s get to know you better. Describe yourself in three sentences. Who is Joyce Brennan?

I’m a retired mother of four. When I’m not writing, I’m reading. I have an incredible imagination.


You’ve published Misplaced, a crime mystery/romance. What especially attracts you about this kind of story? The adventure. I imagined myself in Gilda’s situation and wondered how I’d handle the stress. If placed in the opposite circumstances of her present existence, would she thrive or fail?


Let’s talk a bit more about Misplaced. On the run from her parent’s killers, a wealthy big-city girl moves to a small town. Where did you get the inspiration for this interesting idea? I originally wrote small town romances. I wanted to add intrigue to my stories and remembered reading about the witness protection program. Then I began to think, what if? What would a woman do if taken out of her comfort zone and relocated to what she perceived as a hostile environment? Add her name to the Mob hit list and see where the chips fall.


Most writers include things from their surroundings, hobbies, or job experiences in their fiction. What influences your stories, other than your imagination? We were transferred eight times during my husband’s career with American Airlines. Each location offered a different set of circumstances and people to interact with. Also, I’ve volunteered for over 20 organizations during the years. That interaction provided more material for my books.


Do you see any popular trends in mystery stories right now? Are there specific plots (such as unearthing a mystery about ancestors, for example) or characters that readers seem to find fascinating? I read a lot about hidden secrets and wrote a book called The Hidden Journal. Every family has secrets, some more outrageous than others. I notice more Time Travel and Fantasies published. I did a survey of my readers and the majority wanted a sound, well-plotted story, whether it was romance, or a mystery


Tell us about some of your upcoming projects! What are you writing right now? I’m working on a series about women and romance in a small Ohio town. Each character has her own set of circumstances but are brought together in the same setting. I also have a mystery plotted that takes placed in a retirement center.


Where can new readers connect with you and buy your books?

I’m on facebook, twitter, google+ LinkedIn, Wattpage and Tirgearr Publishing’s webpage. My blog is  Both of my latest eBooks, Misplaced and The Hidden Journal, by Joyce Brennan are available on Amazon


Now for some fun stuff:


1: Do you prefer movies or TV—or neither? TV. I need to move around, crochet, or read during the commercials.


2: If you could pick, what three places in the world would you visit? Ireland, Scotland and Australia.


3: What’s the fiction genre that you don’t currently like but is slowly, steadily growing on you? Witches, vampires and werewolves.


4: An oldest, youngest, middle or only child? Has your place in the family has affected your viewpoint?

I’m the youngest. Both my brother and sister are five and six years older. It was like being an only child.


5: Quality you most admire in other people and wish you had more of? Patience.


It’s been so nice meeting you, Joyce! And remember, readers, to check out Joyce’s books here!

Amazon Address for Hidden Journal

Misplaced Amazon Address

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I am an author, a public speaker on writing, and belong to four writer's groups. I lead a writing class the first Monday of every month.My books, "Don't Dance on my Heart," and "Broken Promises," are available on
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