THE COURIER, by Dorothy S. Macchio

About the Book


 For over five hundred years the Bona Family Trust has been in the courier business with its couriers delivering secret documents between monarchs, heads of state, international businesses, international agencies and powerful individuals who control the world’s economics. It was contrived by two powerful sixteenth century women: Bona Sforza, Queen of Poland and Roxelana Hürrem Sultan, of the Ottoman Empire. Esther Handali, a Jewish agent for Roxelana made the triumvirate. Since royal couriers were frequently slaughtered on their travels, older women were selected as couriers because they, like most older women, were invisible in the world of men. Their journeys to visit relatives and other courts were a perfect cover. It worked well until the 21st century.

 Beatrice Wheeler San Giacomo is a dedicated courier member of the Trust along with several other women who are also direct descendants of the founders. All agents are fifty to seventy years old. A few are older. She accepted what seems a routine assignment and immediately things are different. The operating protocols have changed and it becomes obvious that the Trust has developed new methods to keep adversaries from discovering the couriers. The ability of governments to hack into communications technology made these couriers more valuable, but the same technology also puts them at risk. Beatrice finds that she must adapt on the job or be kidnapped and perhaps killed. The changes by the Trust to become a modern international business leads to the betrayal of all she believes.


About the author:

Dorothy is a graduate of Fairfield University (CT) with a Masters Degree in Corporate and Political Communication. She has worked as a newspaper writer, college lecturer, and in California, as a volunteer museum curator for a California Mission.

Dorothy raised three children and has five grandchildren. She is an amateur historian, and is involved in many activities in her community.

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