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THE HIDDEN JOURNAL is packed with surprises. Jenna relocates from Chicago to Kentucky to escape from her past. All she is looking for is a place where she can work at her home business in peace.

Life happens.

She is blessed with busy neighbors, an intruder who turns out to have lived in her cottage in the past, and a community that is slow to accept a stranger.

When her home business collapses, she has the opportunity to work in and later purchase an antique store. When she discovers a journal crammed in an old Doctor’s desk. The secrets of the town’s residents explode off the pages. Jenna never wanted anyone to see what she read, but an emergency caused her to leave the cottage in a hurry and leave the open book in her office. She never expected her new love to find the old journal, and to discover unknown information about his own family.

I’ve probably given you too much information, but I loved writing this book. I lived in Kentucky and added bits and pieces of my life there. I named the towns in the area and some of the old roads I used to drive on.

Kentucky is a beautiful state, filled with green grasses, horse farms, Fort Knox, small communities, and areas that are far removed from the nearest towns. My father was born in Kentucky, but never lived there as his family moved to Ohio. When I was doing research, I stumbled upon familiar family names.

THE HIDDEN JOURNAL is available on

If you like romance with a real story, you’ll love the twists and adventure I wrote in this novel. Read the first two chapters and the reviews on



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