Here is my interview with Joyce Brennan

Here is my interview with Joyce Brennan.

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Here is my interview with Joyce Brennan


Name: Joyce Brennan
Age: Way past forty.
Where are you from: Leipsic, Ohio
A little about your self `ie your education Family life etc:
I grew up in a small town. After high school, I attended an Airline, Business School. Then I went to work for American Airlines in Cincinnati, Ohio. I’m married and the mother of four children.

Fiona: Tell us your latest news?

I’m excited to announce the July 15, release of my latest eBook, MISPLACED. This is the story about a young woman who walks in on her parent’s murder and is also shot and left for dead. She recovers and is placed in the witness protection program. It’s romance, adventure and murder.

Fiona: When and why did you begin writing?

I wrote plays in grade school, and later was Editor of a business school newsletter.

Fiona: When did you first consider yourself a writer?

When I…

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Posting a review on an authors webpage or on Amazon doesn’t have to be difficult. You don’t have to write an essay or a complete synopsis, but the author will appreciate your words. She or he spent long months writing the book.
Think about what you liked about the book. What kept you reading the novel? Did the author provide characters that you could identify with?
Did the author place you in the scene? Did you get into the character’s head? Could you understand the character’s thinking whether it was flawed or right on target? Was there a good mix of description and back story sprinkled throughout the story? Don’t be the critic, but pick out one or two things you really liked about the story. One line will tell it all.

“The author drew me into the story.”

Was the story predictable or did it have enough twists to keep you reading until the end?

“Just when I thought I knew where the author was going, she threw me a pleasant surprise.”

Did the story touch a sensitive place in your heart?

“I experienced the emotions as the author spun the tale.”

Book sales depend upon reviews from the readers.

Check out THE HIDDEN JOURNAL, by Joyce Brennan on Amazon. 
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Recently I was interviewed by Annette Drake, for Spotlight. We talked about my latest novel, The Hidden Journal.

I realized during the conversation that my story was unique mainly because I had lived in the area I wrote about. Oh, not the exact place as Crestridge, Kentucky is a fictional community, but I named the cities and towns surrounding my make-believe location. Writing The Hidden Journal was like taking a trip home. All four of my children were born in Kentucky. I still have shirt-tail relation residing in Hessler and we own property near Owenton.

In my novel, I brought Jenna, a woman from Chicago, to the small community and exposed her to the gossip and politics of the town where everyone knew everyone else.  Although some of the residents had clashing personalities, they learned to live with each other. My vixen, Stella Ledbetter, the beautiful and outrageous owner of a local diner, spends time with Cheryl, the quiet sweetheart of Crestridge. The two have little in common except growing up together.

My hero, handsome Drew Kelsey, is the typical male chauvinist. He’s used to making decisions and when he meets Jenna, they  immediately clash                                      


I hope you’ll enjoy taking a trip to the small town. I know I loved writing The Hidden Journal.

You can purchase The Hidden Journal, by Joyce Brennan as a ebook on Amazon or on the Tirgearr Publishing web site. 

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Correct cover of HIDDEN JOURNAL

Correct cover of HIDDEN JOURNAL

I uploaded the sample cover instead of the correct cover of my latest ebook, HIdden Journal. The book is now also available on Smashwords. I love the cover and thank Tirgearr Publishing for their terrific art work. Give me you comments.

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ImageTHe hidden Journal, my latest ebook available  from Tirgearr Publishing and on Amazon.

I had fun writing this book. I lived in this area for many years. Although the community of Crestridge is fictitious, the surrounding towns and cities are real. I had relatives in Hessler, Kentucky, and my father was born in Corinth. I pulled on my recollections of the area, and information from friends who still live in Covington.  

My character, Jenna Mitchell, leaves the city to settle in Crestridge, Kentucky. She doesn’t understand the politics and gossip that is the background of small towns. When she meets the handsome, Drew Kelsey, she doesn’t expect the problems their relationship causes when a local diner owner challenges her affection. Finding the hidden journal brings on a new set of emotions.

I hope you’ll connect with the other colorful characters I’ve created. Molly, a seven year who entertains everyone. Hazel, Jenna’s wise neighbor who gives sage advice along with good cooking. Stella, the vixen you love to hate, and of course, Drew Kelsey, Jenna’s love interest.

Go on Amazon or on the Tirgearr Publishing site to read a few pages. If you like romance in a small town setting, you’ll enjoy reading, THE HIDDEN JOURNAL. 

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Cover of my latest book

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Times Change, So Does Writing

I recently attended a day conference sponsored by the Las Vegas Romance Writers. Angela James of Carina Press gave a class, “Before You Hit Send.”
Witty and informative, Angela told the group what she looks for as an editor. While I’m an advocate of removing weak adverbs and as many “Was” words as possible, that didn’t bother her as long as the story was strong. She also shared tips when writing with Microsoft Word.

I watched group during the presentation. The younger members smiled as they agreed, seasoned writers cast a narrow glance at the energetic speaker.

What I took away from the presentation: Read the published books from the company where you plan to submit your manuscript. Get a feel for what they print. Writing is a commercial venture. Publishers will only accept what their company sells. Keep your manuscript tight. Don’t wander off on side stories (my problem) and make sure every scene and chapter move your story forward. Also, readers tend to skip pages where the writer adds paragraphs of description. Keep it short and to the point. Don’t give a complete resume of your characters, but sprinkle your descriptions throughout your story.

Watch for the release of, “HIDDEN JOURNAL,” in January from Tirgearr Publishing. You can go to their web site for more information on my book and those from Tirgearr’s other authors.

Keep Writing, Joyce Brennan

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New Adventure

I’m so excited to become a part of Tirgearr Publishing with my new ebook, “Hidden Journal.” I hope we have a long and productive relationship.
Like most authors, I write every day. I wake in the middle of the night with new ideas for my books, or worry that I should have made changes. I recently gave a presentation to the Las Vegas Romance Writers, and told the group that it’s productive to keep either a recorder or pencil and paper next to your bed. I get my best ideas at three in the morning.
Whatever project you’re working on, write your ideas down no matter where you are. Even if they don’t prove useful, it keeps the mind tuned to your project. Watch and listen when you’re standing in line at the grocery or the department store. Truth is stranger than fiction. I pick up great dialogue from strangers. Try it.
Most of all, keep writing. Joyce

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WAITING FOR THE FAMILY                                      J. Brennan


I sat on a park bench, opened my briefcase and pulled out a dull report to proof read. I heard, before I saw the girl as she sat under a tree sobbing softly. I planned to ignore her and continue my work, but she sounded so distressed I walked over and asked if I could help.

“I wish you could.” She looked up at me blinking back her tears. “I’m lost and alone.”

Although I judged her to be in her mid-twenties, she sounded almost child-like as she enunciated every word she spoke. It was as if she read from a primer.

“Tell me where you live and I’ll see if I can point you in the right direction,” I said.

“That’s the problem, I don’t know. They were supposed to come back for me but they must have forgotten. They told me to wait right here and not wander off.”

“Your family?” I asked.

“She hesitated, “Yes, my family.”

“Do they have a phone? I could call them.”

“They’re on a trip. They have no phone.”

I thought it strange for someone to go on a trip and leave a family member sitting under a tree. Perhaps, the girl had a mental problem or maybe amnesia. I sat beside her to see if I could garner additional information. She chatted about everything except where she lived and who planned to pick her up. She told me she had just learned English, which accounted for her almost too perfect pronunciation. I gathered she came from a different country but she wouldn’t say where, only that the trip here took a long time. After an hour, I suggested we share the lunch I brought with me. As we ate, the girl entertained me by naming all the trees and flowers in the park. She knew the states and capitols and the names of all the Senators. I was impressed. The new citizenship test for immigrants must be very informative these days.

The sun began to set and I worried about my companion.

“Maybe I should call the police,” I suggested.

The girl paled. “Please don’t do that. My family would be very angry with me. I must do as I’m told…and wait. She opened a tin of mints and gave one to me.

The rest of the day passed in a blur. I remember feeling incredibly sleepy. At dusk, people swarmed around me, everyone talking at once. The girl’s precise voice rose above the din. She said she had obeyed orders and stayed until she found a companion.

At some point, many small hands lifted me into a vehicle. Then, I felt as if a vacuum had sucked me through a spiral tube. The trip was intense and I lost track of time. After days, weeks, or maybe months they placed me under an unusual tree-like growth in a strange place and told to wait until they returned for me. I began to speak an unfamiliar language. My facial features changed. My weight dropped and I looked ten years younger. Day after day, I waited. One afternoon someone sat beside me and asked if they could help. Of course, they couldn’t, and I couldn’t tell them. We had to wait for our new family.









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