Posting a review on an authors webpage or on Amazon doesn’t have to be difficult. You don’t have to write an essay or a complete synopsis, but the author will appreciate your words. She or he spent long months writing the book.
Think about what you liked about the book. What kept you reading the novel? Did the author provide characters that you could identify with?
Did the author place you in the scene? Did you get into the character’s head? Could you understand the character’s thinking whether it was flawed or right on target? Was there a good mix of description and back story sprinkled throughout the story? Don’t be the critic, but pick out one or two things you really liked about the story. One line will tell it all.

“The author drew me into the story.”

Was the story predictable or did it have enough twists to keep you reading until the end?

“Just when I thought I knew where the author was going, she threw me a pleasant surprise.”

Did the story touch a sensitive place in your heart?

“I experienced the emotions as the author spun the tale.”

Book sales depend upon reviews from the readers.

Check out THE HIDDEN JOURNAL, by Joyce Brennan on Amazon. 

About brennanwrites

I am an author, a public speaker on writing, and belong to four writer's groups. I lead a writing class the first Monday of every month.My books, "Don't Dance on my Heart," and "Broken Promises," are available on Amazon.com
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