ImageTHe hidden Journal, my latest ebook available  from Tirgearr Publishing and on Amazon.

I had fun writing this book. I lived in this area for many years. Although the community of Crestridge is fictitious, the surrounding towns and cities are real. I had relatives in Hessler, Kentucky, and my father was born in Corinth. I pulled on my recollections of the area, and information from friends who still live in Covington.  

My character, Jenna Mitchell, leaves the city to settle in Crestridge, Kentucky. She doesn’t understand the politics and gossip that is the background of small towns. When she meets the handsome, Drew Kelsey, she doesn’t expect the problems their relationship causes when a local diner owner challenges her affection. Finding the hidden journal brings on a new set of emotions.

I hope you’ll connect with the other colorful characters I’ve created. Molly, a seven year who entertains everyone. Hazel, Jenna’s wise neighbor who gives sage advice along with good cooking. Stella, the vixen you love to hate, and of course, Drew Kelsey, Jenna’s love interest.

Go on Amazon or on the Tirgearr Publishing site to read a few pages. If you like romance in a small town setting, you’ll enjoy reading, THE HIDDEN JOURNAL. 

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I am an author, a public speaker on writing, and belong to four writer's groups. I lead a writing class the first Monday of every month.My books, "Don't Dance on my Heart," and "Broken Promises," are available on
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