Times Change, So Does Writing

I recently attended a day conference sponsored by the Las Vegas Romance Writers. Angela James of Carina Press gave a class, “Before You Hit Send.”
Witty and informative, Angela told the group what she looks for as an editor. While I’m an advocate of removing weak adverbs and as many “Was” words as possible, that didn’t bother her as long as the story was strong. She also shared tips when writing with Microsoft Word.

I watched group during the presentation. The younger members smiled as they agreed, seasoned writers cast a narrow glance at the energetic speaker.

What I took away from the presentation: Read the published books from the company where you plan to submit your manuscript. Get a feel for what they print. Writing is a commercial venture. Publishers will only accept what their company sells. Keep your manuscript tight. Don’t wander off on side stories (my problem) and make sure every scene and chapter move your story forward. Also, readers tend to skip pages where the writer adds paragraphs of description. Keep it short and to the point. Don’t give a complete resume of your characters, but sprinkle your descriptions throughout your story.

Watch for the release of, “HIDDEN JOURNAL,” in January from Tirgearr Publishing. You can go to their web site for more information on my book and those from Tirgearr’s other authors.

Keep Writing, Joyce Brennan

About brennanwrites

I am an author, a public speaker on writing, and belong to four writer's groups. I lead a writing class the first Monday of every month.My books, "Don't Dance on my Heart," and "Broken Promises," are available on Amazon.com
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